Friday, May 25, 2012


I am getting a Christmas-giddiness.  It happens around the holidays when the UPS truck starts showing up daily with gifts galore.  But, blessed as I am, I get to enjoy this sensation after markets - as the recent purchases begin to arrive in the store.  I am just posting a smattering of things here to prick your interest.  The rest, well, you will have to come in to see for yourself.  I look forward to having you in the showroom.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Kaffe Fassett rug.  I adore.
Super versatile cabinet.  

Small vintage 2x3 rug.
Gorgeous 3x5 oushak - one of a kind.

A market gem.  Very affordable.

White light.
Sleek lamps.  This is one of a pair.
Pair of vintage brass lamps.
Moroccan-like shag is in transit.
Trina Turk Rugs.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Market Inspiration

Market this year proved most inspiring.  On so many levels, I saw innovation and creativity.  Exciting new ideas in lighting, powerful statements in carpets, truly unique collections in accessories and an overall adherence to excellence in design.  I have always considered myself blessed to be able to work in my family's business and to carry on its traditions.  Going to market and seeing other business owners, creators and designers furthering their own dreams and expressing their own views of aesthetic wonders - well, that is just icing on the cake.

Below are some of my most treasured finds.  Many are on their way into the store as I type, others maybe a month or so behind.  But either way, I think you will find yourself inspired.

Inspiration for your tabletop.

Beauty for your bookshelf.

Simple refinement.

Easy elegance.

Where function meets fashion.

Pillows that pop.

New designs in carpets.

Innovation and affordability in lighting.

Color in the carpets!

Geometrics for the floor.

Wonderful artwork - big scale for big walls.

Simple lines for big statements.

Drama in lighting!

Silk adds depth and glamour to the floor.

Sleek, clean lines.