Tuesday, April 29, 2014

House of Landor

Mary Beth Paulson is busy these days. Launching her vintage clothing business called House of Landor only 8 months ago, she can hardly believe how quickly it has taken off - and soared.  (Trina Turk just called her to purchase a piece, for goodness sake.)

A local interior decorator, Paulson has been styling homes in the Raleigh area for the past few years. Her look, like her House of Landor logo, is vintage with a twist of contemporary. Last year she decided to combine her passion for clothing with her love of design to launch this new venture.  She hand picks vintage clothing that ranges from a 1960's ball gown to a 1970's Chanel pantsuit.  All items are sold for reasonable prices.  And the icing on the cake is she will completely style you for the evening (earrings, shoes, hand bag - the works!)

Mary Beth opened up her home to show us her style in interiors and in fashion. It was surely an inspiration to me.  Enjoy.

Standing her in closet,  Mary Beth models a 1960's unlabeled silk dress, BCBG sweater and a one of a kind necklace. (All from House of Landor) .

      If anyone needs a big closet, its a vintage clothing designer. Who can argue with that?

Her living room is simple with a classic herringbone sisal, a tufted white couch and a touch of modern with the glass coffee table.

I love the vintage horn lamps and bright colored oil painting. Very fresh.

Little vintage silver boxes lying on side table.

The dining room has pale grey walls with one wall papered in a Cole & Son's textile. Touches of vintage are displayed in  the lighting and sideboard.
  I love the artwork in Mary Beth's home. Each one has a story to tell. This framed piece to the left is actually a cloth garment by Joseph Nechvatal. Mary Beth's late sister, an avid dancer, wore it during a performance. Mary Beth had it framed and it now hangs  in the dining room as a remembrance of her life (below).

   The large sun room which leads to the patio is a great place to entertain with several seating areas. The "rattan nest" chandelier by Clayton Oxford hangs to the left.
The bar area, wallpapered in tree trunks, also has a bit of glam with the vintage knobs and glasses.

Mary Beth, in St. John belt and Ungaro top, stands in front of a cobalt blue velvet sofa.  The framed print on the back wall looks like a contemporary painting.

Up close, it is actually random ink letters and numbers on a plain piece of paper. She found it at a flea market for a steal!

I love her kitchen. It is very vintage modern with the hanging lucite chandelier and the punch of color in the painting by Kyle Highsmith. The Paulson's loved the rich colors and the fact it looks so different from Kyle's normal work. 

One constant throughout the home is the sisal and natural fiber rugs. A great example of how you can use these natural fibers anywhere and in any size.  Above and below.

These choices allow for a clean slate in any room. In design, you can dress up or dress down a natural fiber. It just works with everything.

The den also has a really interesting painting over the fireplace. Contemporary flash among the antiques and French feel.
                    Another mix of vintage (the lamp) and modern (coffee table).

The framed art above the sofa is another unique piece. Up close, it is actually a used calendar with post it notes. From afar, it is a funky picture. Love the creativity here.

                                         The newest House of Landor Employee.

Thanks Mary Beth for allowing us to tour your home. If you want to catch up with her (and her clothes) you can contact her at MBPaulson1@gmail.com.  She also has many items hanging in Evie Dixon's store, The Finds.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It is that magical, wonderful time of year.  Spirits are bright, hearts are merry and love is all around.   I am in awe of the beauty of the season.  As part of my family tradition, we always take time out to drive around and take in the splendor of the season -- the lights, the greenery, and yes, the Holiday Doors.  It is my favorite time of the year.

Enjoy my new found favorites of 2013.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Adore the over sized wreath, the twin trees, the whole bit.

Gold wreaths against orange double doors.

This historic home with its long doors and beautiful triple wreaths caught my eye.

Gorgeous gray bow.

Fretwork door and pretty pink bow and wreath. Great combo.

These angel's moved to a new home with a new door. Still love them.

Ice Skates and snowflakes.

The setting of this door reminds me of a New England home. Love it.
Magnolia leaves, natural vine, and simple green and red wreath.

 Love the small simple berry wreath.

Worthy again.

Monday, November 11, 2013

High Point Market Highlights

My High Point Highlights are finally revealed. Every one keeps asking what was new, what was the 'it' thing, the 'must have'...  As always, there is so much to see, so much to take in, and so much by which I am inspired.  It is one of the great gifts of my job - that I get to see art and design in the making.  This year, High Point did not disappoint.  Beauty abounded, and I was, indeed, INSPIRED.  I hope you will be as well.

The "Must Have":  Anything from Tommy Mitchell
My big treat this year was meeting local artist and furniture designer, Tommy Mitchell.  His pieces have been in Bergdorf's and have been placed in various designers' homes. Each piece is hand painted and unique. Art at its most inspiring.  


Above and below: Tommy's martini tables, which are works of art.  Consider them a bit of jewelry for your home.  

A sampling of wall hangings.
Color Trend:  PINK

There was a lot of PINK in rugs.  Hand knotted, flat weave, over-dyed.  You name it - it is available in PINK.  

NEW from vanCollier:

New cobalt velvet sofa is on its way to Eatmans.

vanCollier Greek Key red lantern.  Available in ANY color.  

New gold mirror made its debut at market.  Also available in a silver finish.

Innovation:  Flat weave rugs that are completely reversible (and affordable)!

Quirky Owl Rug

Tibetan Rugs - Still the Rage

Other gems in stock or on their way to the showroom: 

32" round gold leaf mirror.

Available in several sizes.  See additional designs below.




Exact replica of chandelier hanging in Aerin's personal office is now available to you.

White Tibetan Lamb stool with gold X floor base.  This just arrived and is sitting in our store.  DREAMY!