Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Doors - 2015

December days are special in so many ways.  There is an excitement in the air that is almost tangible.  Granted, as mothers, the excitement can swing slightly toward manic anxiety; but even with the mile-long list, there remains a joy to the busy-ness that is special to these December days.  An air of celebration seems to override the stress of the to-do's, and life itself sings a joyous song.  

As a member of the design world, I have a special adoration for these December days.  Every home shines a bit brighter, every table is set a bit grander, and, indeed, every door dons a splendor of its own.  Whether fancy enough for a palace or the simplest evergreen, holiday doors are amongst my very favorite things.  Each and every one touches my heart, as I see the inner designer of every homeowner decking her door.  It is as if everyone is celebrating the joy of design and decor, if only for a month.  But oh, what a sight!

And so, without further delay, I offer you these Holiday Doors.  Could one be yours?

Decor in double.  Simple green on evergreen.  Elegant.

This bow!  Even with the poor lighting in my photography, this bow is fabulous.

Handsome coordinating garland and wreath. 

The placement of this bow is dynamite.  

Another double.  The gold bows are perfection.

Oh joy!  The bows, the three elements, the symmetry.  Delicious design.

The original use of garland makes such a clever presentation here. 

A whimsical use of color that is so inviting.

A classic.  Evergreen and red bow.

Wreaths on lanterns are simply wonderful.

I applaud the way the wreaths are hung with the double bands on top which makes the colors pop.

Another double wreath beauty.

Simply lovely.

Another classic.


The way this pops against the white door -  I could not love anything more.

An inviting entrance.

Pretty in pink.

Magnolia speaks for itself.  

Green on green.  The imperfection of the boxwood makes this so alluring.

Monday, November 3, 2014

High Point Highlights

Twice a year we attend High Point Market to view all that is new in the design and home industry.  People always ask me what was 'the big thing' or what was 'HOT' this year? This year, there were definite answers to these questions.  

For starters, NAVY & GRAY were strong colors for fabrics, rugs and paintings.  GOLD is still a hot metal, but SILVER is making its way to the top.  I saw lovely and dramatic uses of shiny silver.  Geometrics and modern designs are still on trend, and I am seeing a rise of YELLOW in fabrics and rugs.

A pictures is worth a thousand words.  So, here is a run down of what we saw over a four day period and some of my personal High Lights from High Point.

Kelly Wearstler, the well known designer with an edge is now designing fixtures for Visual Comfort.  It did not disappoint.  Drama!

Although several other manufacturer's carry a sputnik version, Kelly's design is a true replica of the original and the finishes are spot on. She also designed a flush mount and pendant version.

A funky and simple Wearstler pendant.  Perfect for over a long kitchen island or in a stairwell.

Black and white marble cylinder lamp.
There she is - in the flesh.  A delight even after greeting hundreds of fans.
Geometric chandelier, available in several finishes and size.  Fabulous.

 Niermann Weeks also joined the VC team. Here is one of his creations below:

A Palm Beach inspired fixture.  Sure to be a hit.  Available in several sizes.

Visual Comfort lamps.  Note silver.

Good News! Wallpaper is here to stay.  Let's all rejoice.  Phillip Jeffries has always been my personal favorite, especially with regard to grasscloths and textures.  Below is one of his superior offerings:

The Tempaper brand of designer temporary wallpaper has been out for a few years. 
The patterns have gotten better and edgier.  These are great as you can apply them on your own and change them out when you tire of the design or are ready for a change.  A great way to add a strong punch in bathrooms, on ceilings or on an accent wall.  


I love RUGS! I love the textures, patterns, designs, colors and feel. Here are some of the new ones and my favorite finds. Sari Silk Rugs are still IN! Love the turquoise and purples in this one below:
Oriental hand-knotted in rich charcoal, navy and light gray accents.  The detail is exquisite.

Tibetan rug in gray, blue and yellowish gold.  A bold statement.

Moroccan-like designs shown in flat weaves in softer colors.  Coming to the showroom soon!

Note the color.  The original designs were in cream backgrounds, now available in gray ground.

Of course Van Collier is always on my list, and each year Beth & Chris deliver with perfection. 

vanCollier ginkgo 3 leaf table.

Etagere with Greek key design.  I want this in silver.

These Italian Glass lamps make my mouth water! They are coming soon to our store. 

Italian glass cylinder lamp with speckled gray/gold.  Gorgeous!

This painting says it all:  blue and modern.  That is a trend that seems destined to stay for a while.

Post-It Note Art.

Silver and lucite coffee table.  Also available in gold.  On the way to the store.  I adore!
Some fabric swatches from Cotton and Quill.  Coming to our store soon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

House of Landor

Mary Beth Paulson is busy these days. Launching her vintage clothing business called House of Landor only 8 months ago, she can hardly believe how quickly it has taken off - and soared.  (Trina Turk just called her to purchase a piece, for goodness sake.)

A local interior decorator, Paulson has been styling homes in the Raleigh area for the past few years. Her look, like her House of Landor logo, is vintage with a twist of contemporary. Last year she decided to combine her passion for clothing with her love of design to launch this new venture.  She hand picks vintage clothing that ranges from a 1960's ball gown to a 1970's Chanel pantsuit.  All items are sold for reasonable prices.  And the icing on the cake is she will completely style you for the evening (earrings, shoes, hand bag - the works!)

Mary Beth opened up her home to show us her style in interiors and in fashion. It was surely an inspiration to me.  Enjoy.

Standing her in closet,  Mary Beth models a 1960's unlabeled silk dress, BCBG sweater and a one of a kind necklace. (All from House of Landor) .

      If anyone needs a big closet, its a vintage clothing designer. Who can argue with that?

Her living room is simple with a classic herringbone sisal, a tufted white couch and a touch of modern with the glass coffee table.

I love the vintage horn lamps and bright colored oil painting. Very fresh.

Little vintage silver boxes lying on side table.

The dining room has pale grey walls with one wall papered in a Cole & Son's textile. Touches of vintage are displayed in  the lighting and sideboard.
  I love the artwork in Mary Beth's home. Each one has a story to tell. This framed piece to the left is actually a cloth garment by Joseph Nechvatal. Mary Beth's late sister, an avid dancer, wore it during a performance. Mary Beth had it framed and it now hangs  in the dining room as a remembrance of her life (below).

   The large sun room which leads to the patio is a great place to entertain with several seating areas. The "rattan nest" chandelier by Clayton Oxford hangs to the left.
The bar area, wallpapered in tree trunks, also has a bit of glam with the vintage knobs and glasses.

Mary Beth, in St. John belt and Ungaro top, stands in front of a cobalt blue velvet sofa.  The framed print on the back wall looks like a contemporary painting.

Up close, it is actually random ink letters and numbers on a plain piece of paper. She found it at a flea market for a steal!

I love her kitchen. It is very vintage modern with the hanging lucite chandelier and the punch of color in the painting by Kyle Highsmith. The Paulson's loved the rich colors and the fact it looks so different from Kyle's normal work. 

One constant throughout the home is the sisal and natural fiber rugs. A great example of how you can use these natural fibers anywhere and in any size.  Above and below.

These choices allow for a clean slate in any room. In design, you can dress up or dress down a natural fiber. It just works with everything.

The den also has a really interesting painting over the fireplace. Contemporary flash among the antiques and French feel.
                    Another mix of vintage (the lamp) and modern (coffee table).

The framed art above the sofa is another unique piece. Up close, it is actually a used calendar with post it notes. From afar, it is a funky picture. Love the creativity here.

                                         The newest House of Landor Employee.

Thanks Mary Beth for allowing us to tour your home. If you want to catch up with her (and her clothes) you can contact her at  She also has many items hanging in Evie Dixon's store, The Finds.