Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Doors - 2015

December days are special in so many ways.  There is an excitement in the air that is almost tangible.  Granted, as mothers, the excitement can swing slightly toward manic anxiety; but even with the mile-long list, there remains a joy to the busy-ness that is special to these December days.  An air of celebration seems to override the stress of the to-do's, and life itself sings a joyous song.  

As a member of the design world, I have a special adoration for these December days.  Every home shines a bit brighter, every table is set a bit grander, and, indeed, every door dons a splendor of its own.  Whether fancy enough for a palace or the simplest evergreen, holiday doors are amongst my very favorite things.  Each and every one touches my heart, as I see the inner designer of every homeowner decking her door.  It is as if everyone is celebrating the joy of design and decor, if only for a month.  But oh, what a sight!

And so, without further delay, I offer you these Holiday Doors.  Could one be yours?

Decor in double.  Simple green on evergreen.  Elegant.

This bow!  Even with the poor lighting in my photography, this bow is fabulous.

Handsome coordinating garland and wreath. 

The placement of this bow is dynamite.  

Another double.  The gold bows are perfection.

Oh joy!  The bows, the three elements, the symmetry.  Delicious design.

The original use of garland makes such a clever presentation here. 

A whimsical use of color that is so inviting.

A classic.  Evergreen and red bow.

Wreaths on lanterns are simply wonderful.

I applaud the way the wreaths are hung with the double bands on top which makes the colors pop.

Another double wreath beauty.

Simply lovely.

Another classic.


The way this pops against the white door -  I could not love anything more.

An inviting entrance.

Pretty in pink.

Magnolia speaks for itself.  

Green on green.  The imperfection of the boxwood makes this so alluring.