Saturday, January 29, 2011

Triple the Joy

One baby is a blessing. Three (at once) is triple the joy! Local interior designer, Kelly Jones, hosted a baby shower for friend, Kathleen Fisher, and thoughtfully shared a few of the pictures with me. I loved the ideas Kelly used to decorate for the shower...everything was three times the fun! Kelly also included a few pictures of her house, which I thought you'd like to see. Enjoy! 

 A tiny cake for each baby boy.
I love the walls in Kelly's dining room. At first sight, the walls look like they are covered in De Gournay wallpaper, but they were actually hand painted by Kelly's friend, Raines Thompson (
Flowers always make a powerful statement.

The shower invite was framed & placed on the mantle in the den.

Such a creative idea! Nests with three eggs were placed in the room to signify the triplets!
Now, for a little glimpse around the rest of the house...
This sitting room is my and white with a touch of gray!

Kelly's daughter, Ella, has the room of a princess! I love the classic look.

I am now itching to redecorate my 5 year old's room.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gray, My New Go-To Neutral

I used to consider gray a gloomy color. I associated it with rain, winter, death, and doctors' offices.    However, in the past year, gray has come to the forefront of my color palette. I think of it differently than I did years ago. I am drawn to the coolness, sophistication, and elegance of this color. It's my "go to" neutral. I love mixing it with blues, tans, camels, whites and even browns.  Here are a few pics to inspire you to think of gray in a whole different light!

House Beautiful, February 2011
I love the mix of soft tans and grays. The block tibetan rug and chevron pillow set a contemporary scene. 

House Beautiful, February 2011
Again another interlocking pattern in the rug, the Kravet stripe panels, and soft skin bedspread make for a great mix. 

 Lofts & Condo's Spring/Summer 2011
Notice the gray wool and silk rug again from Concepts. The brown velvet pillow with camel trim works perfectly.

Lofts & Condo's Spring/Summer 2011
This designer mixed antiques and contemporary very well!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fabrics Galore a la Veranda

Aside from the glimpse into chez Lopez, this month's Veranda inspired me with its bold use of fabrics.  In so many of the homes featured, sofas were chockfull of pillows of all sorts of patterns.  While having no obvious 'organization' to the assortment of patterns, the overall look was perfection. It made me start to play around with fabrics we have in stock that mimic these looks, and I have to say the effect is stunning.  From the Greek key trimmed pillows, to the bold geometrics, to the florals -- there was a winning combination to any color palette.

To get your minds churning, I have included some photos from the magazine below as well as some products and fabrics from our store.  Please call or stop by in you are interested in talking through your design visions.  Pillows are a wonderful way to change a room without breaking the bank!
Veranda, Jan/Feb 2011
Veranda, Jan/Feb 2011

Veranda, Jan/Feb 2011
Pillows featured in photos have the same Greek key pattern as ones carried in the store.

Veranda, Jan/Feb 2011
Veranda, Jan/Feb 2011
Note the many different patterns combined on the sofa.

Quadrille Chevron lime and white linen.
Quadrille orange and cream linen.
New geometric patterns....oh so many places to use them!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Birds of A Feather

I am delighted to have both a friendship and working relationship with interior designer, Hooper Patterson. Hooper is the co-author of a fabulous blog, Birds of A Feather. The blog  combines the design and artistic expertise of Hooper and her business partner, Ann White Schutte. Hooper resides in Wilmington, NC, and offers everything on the blog, from her latest projects to adventures in parenting to things that simply inspire her. Eatman's has had the opportunity to work with Hooper on a few of her projects.

 Hooper used a charcoal wool rug, purchased from Eatman's.

 The garden stool adds the perfect touch to this room! Stool can be found here at the store.

Get inspired and visit Hooper and Ann's blog, Birds of a Feather!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Veranda Profiles the Home of Jennifer Lopez

It used to be that I  loved seeing what celebrities were wearing and to perhaps get a bit of trivia on the details of their lives.  However, as time passes, I am more eager to see the details of their home.  This is true not only of A-List celebrities, but socialites, musicians and artists as well.  It is inspiring to me to see the places they call home and then to see the individual stamp of artistry on each dwelling. This month's Veranda offered just such a view.  Taking us inside the lovely and surprisingly understated home of Jennifer Lopez, we got a beautiful view of neutral theme accented with glamour. 

But even more exciting was to see pieces that are currently sitting on our showroom floor that are exact replicas of the pieces in Lopez's home.  From the fabulous pillows, to the lamps and side tables....I loved seeing them displayed in her home. Enjoy the photos and come see us soon!

The stair runner is a very simple wool sisal with leather binding.
Love the clean cool colors of white and gray.
Take note of Jan Showers bench. We will have a look- a- like for less coming soon!

Side tables similar to the one above can be found in our store now!

Take note of the platinum lamp in the right corner. We have a pair similar to this in our showroom!