Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 Holiday Doors, Is One Yours?

This season's erratic weather does not make outdoor decorating easy.  Rainy days can wreak havoc on silk bows, and warm temps does nothing to help our greenery.  Nevertheless, Raleigh has come through with some gorgeous doors.  I couldn't be prouder of my town and the fabulous design talent we have right here in our midst.  Our doors are simply lovely.
And so, without further delay, I present this year's Holiday Doors.  Is one yours?

Sophisticated gray and gold.

Nothing like double pink loopy bows for southern Christmas charm.

Handsome design here with square wreaths and natural tones.

A welcoming entrance.
Another double wreath combo and this time with classic red.

Simply elegant.

I wish my lighting was better here.  The off center tartan bows are so charming!

A great example of what great lighting does for a door.

Fabulous combo of greenery.  Adore the magnolia up top.

This has a easy elegance to it that makes me want to pop in for a visit.

Merry Merry!

I could go on and on... the woven ribbon, the cross, the woodwork... 

Big bow!

The perfection of these clean lines is dreamy.

The Nutcracker soldiers are a fun touch.

Putting a wreath in an unexpected place is always clever.

Lots of depth and sophistication in this design.

The owners recently moved into this home, and I love that they wasted no time getting their holiday decor in full swing.

A classic door.

A sweet cross.