Sunday, April 10, 2011

High Point Highlights!

Market is always exciting, albeit a bit stressful. I am like a kid in a very large candy store! Fortunately, my mother & business partner, Gay Eatman, travels with me and keeps me in check. We spent four long days scouring buildings looking for new lines and products. It has taken me days to get all my pictures downloaded and I want to share a few of the high lights. From antique & contemporary  flat weave rugs to new chandelier designs and sconces to some of my favorite consoles....I'd say the trip was a success!

Thankfully we were INSPIRED by all our new market finds and hope you will be too. Most of the items pictured will be trickling into our store over the next few weeks and months. But let me know if anything strikes your fancy and  you will be the first to know when the truck pulls up!

Over-dyed production rugs were all the rage this year at market. Hand knotted rugs dyed in bright colors such as fuschia, canary, and cobalt blue.
4x6 Antique rug with variation of colors in background.
This new chandelier from Visual Comfort looks like an antique, but with all the working parts! 

This mirror by Modern History is one of my favorites!

Modern History's new contemporary console is coming our way!
One of Bunny Williams new lamps would look great with flat weave below

Stay tuned for High Point Highlights Part II!!!