Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Mighty (and Magnificent) Fortress

On the heels of the Royal Wedding with fairy tale feelings floating through the spring air, I was touched to hear of another little dream come true - right here in our home town.  The story begins where most "house" stories begin.  That is, a couple begins a search for the place that is to be their family home.  The place where memories will be made, friendships formed and a life lived out.  For Jimmy and Anna Goodman, the search led them back in time.  

After looking around the area, Jimmy's parents offered the couple the opportunity to buy the empty lot next to his childhood home.  It was a piece of property decorated by an amazing azalea garden, views of a private lake, and most importantly, one that housed Jimmy's childhood fort.  After considering the opportunity, the couple accepted the gracious offer and set out to make that plot of land (and fortress remnant) a home of their own.

The couple enlisted architect, Rodney Ward, of Ward Design Group to help them with their plans. Although Anna and Jimmy have their own sense of style, they augmented their vision with the help of interior designer, Laura Ward.  Laura facilitated in making the numerous decisions required when building a custom home.

The dream became a reality.  The fort is now a home, and a gorgeous one at that.  I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to see the fairy tale in real life.  And what a gift it was!  Enjoy.

This foyer is gorgeous with wood paneled walls, a beautiful staircase, and a wonderfully unexpected chandelier.

You can never go wrong with the classic leopard wool runner. 
One of my favorite things about this house was the hardwood herringbone pattern on the floor stained in dark chocolate black.

To the right is the entrance to the living room.

I love the coffee table and the lime green lamp!
Walking into the family room, which is also open to the kitchen, the Goodmon's chose a combination of traditional and contemporary pieces. Note: the rug on the floor is by Stanton carpets and a great choice for a high traffic area.
Love the simple neutral colors with splashes of turquoise and green.
Windows line the back of the house for the perfect view looking out onto the lake. Who wouldn't love this view?
The kitchen in all white and black with simple pendant lights is clean and classic.

This unique back splash in the butler's pantry reminds me of glass bubbles.

I love Anna's choice of table, chairs, and chandelier. This Nuevo Chandelier is such a great statement piece, and the table is sublime!
Bright orange and tangerine colors are so perfect for this house. Anna took some of her parents' dining room chairs and stripped and painted them herself. Brilliant! And I love the two pendant chandeliers hanging over the dining room table.

If I lived in this gorgeous home, I would spend many hours in the sun room (below).  What a perfect little sanctuary!

Thanks Anna & Jimmy for sharing your home with me!