Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fabulous Fabric

I adore rich designs in fabrics.  Nothing adds depth to a room like woven aesthetics --  whether they be fabrics or carpets.  Recently, I met with Suzanne Early to review the 2012 collections of Manuel Canovas, Romo, and Cowtan & Tout.  I loved the colors, the designs, the textures, the freshness, and, yes, even the subtle reminders of classics that never lose their beauty.  In short, I was inspired.  

Our samples should be arriving soon. In the meantime, peruse the photos I took while I had them in hand.  Ponder them as you sit by the pool (or in car-pool) and see if there may be a way to bring these inspired fabrics into your own home.

Regardless of your current interior needs, just looking at these designs will bring color to your day --  and they may just leave you inspired.