Friday, October 12, 2012

White Wonderland

It can be argued that white is not a color; but, in fact, the absence of any color at all.  Though this may be true in the most basic way, to the eyes of many designers - and to me especially - white is simply a wonderland.  When I think of white, I think "clean" and "pure.  And with each passing year, I seem to be drawn to this sensibility and aesthetic more and more. No longer tagged with labels like "sterile" and "cold", white, in its simplicity, has become the ideal and most welcoming canvas for art work,  sophisticated design, and, indeed, inspiration.

Lonny Magazine 2012

Lonny Magazine 2012. White walls look clean and crisp. I love the Roman shade with the black trim.

Elle Decor October 2012
              The above dining room of Ivanka Trump's apartment shows is an example of the perfect
white back drop. The artwork and the gorgeous Lindsey Adelman light fixture shows off brilliantly against the white walls.

Elle Decor October 2012
 White living room of UK Harper's Bazaar fashion editor, Kim Hersov. I love the Moroccan rug.

Lonny Magazine October 2012

I was thrilled to see the latest issue of Lonny available online. My favorite feature  in the October issue is of Artist Mary Nelson Sinclair's living room. I adore the pops of color, the vintage looking lucite chairs and the soft gray rug. She has a knack for putting it all together. And yes, white walls! 

Lonny Magazine October 2012
Books and art work is all this white wall needs above Mary Nelson Sinclair's desk.
(I wish my office looked this good.)

Architectural Digest 201 Above the living room of designer, Liz Obrien.

Lonny Magazine March-April 2012
Love this white bedroom with splashes of blue in fabric and painting.