Tuesday, December 25, 2012


It has become a tradition to photograph local Holiday Doors that Inspire me all around town.  As usual, this year they did not disappoint.  We also traveled to Charleston, South Carolina for Christmas and  I couldn't help but add a few of their holiday doors.  I hope you enjoy this years version of Holiday Doors, Is one yours?

 Merry Christmas!

                               The entrance. The greenery. The ribbon. Complete perfection.

This home was recently renovated and I always looked forward to the single door that was there before. However, I love the elegant double doors and the homeowner's choice of gold ribbon.

     Another one of my favorites doors. I love the Christmas colors against the blue green door.

        Boxwood garland and wreath mixed with magnolia leaves stands out on this canary door.

                                  Double red berry wreaths is all this front entrance needs. 

                                                  A simple white wreath and a purple door.

                This gold painted magnolia wreath with turquoise bow is one of my favorites.

                                   Another gold painted magnolia leaf against a peach door.

                       You can't go wrong with the star of Bethlehem and a  navy lacquer door.

               A hand woven basket with ribbon and greenery is just what this southern home needs.

                                           Red, white, and blue. A patriotic Christmas.

                                   Red ribbon and greenery are well suited for this black door.

                                                     Beautiful and elegant natural wreath.

                                                               English Country. Pretty.
                                       Cream Brick. Simple Green's. Blue Gray bow. Love it all.

                                                                  Southern Christmas.

                                                        Charleston Doors (above & below)

                                          Any decor would look amazing on this beautiful door.