Wednesday, August 25, 2010

27 Ground & Madeline Weinrib Have Arrived!

I was thrilled (and inspired) by meeting Gina Christenson of 27Ground several weeks ago. Recently published in the July issue of House Beautiful for her custom sisal designs, I was honored to be approached as one to carry her beautiful rugs in North Carolina. Her talent, timing, and sense of style are spoken loud and clear through the richness of her products. Come and see for yourself. You, too, will be impressed, I am sure.

And to just make you (AND ME!) all the more excited, drum roll please....  Cue the trumpets...  Madeline Weinrib fabrics have arrived! Oh bliss, oh joy!In lively, unique colors and rich and bold patterns, these fabrics add a depth and delight to any room.  Whether it be in the form of the simplest of pillows to the more dramatic draperies, these fabrics can make a room.  Come and get a glimpse of the glamour!