Friday, August 20, 2010

It's a Whole New World

I thought I was just a girl working in a family business - a mom, a sister, a wife, and daughter. But here I sit on a new frontier, looking out into the great abyss that is the future of interior design and thereby my professional future as well.  It is a world with so much at yours and my fingertips.  Published and sought after designers readily give tips to all on their blogs and websites, rare furnishings are available online (at all hours), and home makers get to be right in the midst of that.  It is a wonderfully dynamic time for this industry.  

I am excited about what lies ahead and I smile at the future as it takes shape.  We are working to create a new space for you both here in the blogosphere, as well as in our storefront.  Our goal:  to be a resource for you, to be a place for you to will come formulate your own design ideas, and to be a mecca for all things INSPIRED here in Raleigh and beyond.

The most glorious part of this world we live in (and decorate) is that it never ceases to Inspire Me.  From the fabulous new designs of 27Ground, to the amazing colors of Quadrille fabrics, to the energy of my 4 year old - there is inspiration everywhere.  I want Eatman's to be a place that INSPIRES.   But just as much, I want Eatman’s to be a place that is INSPIRED by the wonderful things happening in the world of design and in the lives around us.  Beauty abounds!  And so, as I launch this blog and announce this new direction of Eatman’s, I do so with a heart that hopes you will come along for the ride.  It will be more fun (and inspired) with you along.