Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Table

This coffee table just hit the showroom floor, and it makes me happy.  It is hard to say exactly why.  I think it is mostly because the mirrored sides seem to reflect the natural light making a subtle openness to the space.  This time of year is divine anyway, with the air so clear and crisp; it seems all the more poetic that even a coffee table would glimmer with the sun.

The other part of the happy factor is that I have a heart for coffee tables in general.  In all rooms that are truly lived in/lounged in/hung-out in, the coffee table is the anchor.  You can prop your feet on it, set your wine glass on it, rest your book on it.  Hearts are shared around it.  Stories are told over it.  It is the thing that centers the room, that pulls it together, that makes the statement.  It is, at once, the subject and the exclamation point in the room's decor.  And this particular subject is simply fabulous.

Enjoy your week,