Saturday, October 23, 2010

Market Treasures

My days in High Point were filled with delicious eye candy for the decoratively inclined.  From the lighting at Visual Comfort (note the handsome tall gold sconces), to the uniquely interesting assortment of pillows available to us in a variety of fabrics (all hit price points between $69-$89), to the geometrically perfect oval ring cocktail table below -- each aisle, every vendor, and all the showrooms practically oozed enthusiasm and strength.  In a time when this market could have seemed clouded by the economy, the designers had a hopeful outlook and their products revealed their vision.  

Products will start arriving in early November, so please stop by to see for yourself.  But in the meantime, I hope you will be as inspired by these photos as I was of the real thing.  

Enjoy your weekend.


Mobias Circle End Table
(Due to arrive in store next week.)

22"x22" cotton orange flower burst

22"x22" Geo Print Cotton Jute

14"x 26"Ikat Print $69

Visual Comfort round crystal cube chandelier.

Visual Comfort oval crystal cube chandelier.

Visual Comfort acrylic base candle stick lamp.

Visual Comfort chelsea reflection sconce.

Visual comfort silver lamp with gold base.

Visual Comfort double ballister table lamp.

Visual Comfort aspen gold sconce.

Visual Comfort caged lantern in gold finish.

Visual Comfort tall gold sconce.