Monday, November 22, 2010

Lindley Designs Is Being Featured at Eatman's!

Ricky Lindley is a man of many talents! He is not only a sought after interior designer and architect, but an artist as well.  Below you will see just a touch of his work. He has recently launched a dinnerware line of Italian ceramics.  For more, please go to his website or visit him at his gallery located in Siler City, NC.


A family room in Richmond, Virginia  
Interior Design by Ricky Lindley
"Beaufort Porch" (acrylic)
"Manhattan Row House" (acrylic)
"Abstract Marsh" (acrylic)
"Ocean Rocks" (acrylic)
Ricky launched his Italian dinnerware line this past year. It is all designed and hand painted by Ricky himself. Each piece is unique and beautiful. It's hard to believe that small plates are only $20, and custom plates start at $40 each. I love the fact that he can make anything you want, any color, any size at an affordable price.   The above lettuce container is only $75.00. What a great gift for this holiday season!

For the month of November, Ricky Lindley, is one of our featured designers here at Eatman's Carpets & Interiors.  Please come take a look at his display, artwork, and Italian dinnerware line.  

Ricky Lindley