Thursday, June 16, 2011

All about the BLUES!

Last week I was inspired by all things white, but this week I am all about the BLUES! And it seems everyone else is too!  From the classic navy blue and white to cobalt and turquoise, blue is everywhere. I am finding blue in new fabrics, carpets, rugs, and even accessories. Take a look at Beeline's new blue and white lamp (pictured below). I love it!

Beeline by Bunny Williams ceramic lamp. Love the bold blue brushstroke look!

I love the bright blue center pillow! (
Darker blue walls create a soothing environment (Veranda, Jan/Feb 2011)
House Beautiful (June 2011)

Elle Decor (March 2010)

Take a look at this blue flat weave medallion rug. Very Kid friendly!

4 x 6 reversible Soumak rug, $475

NEW indoor/outdoor blue and white geometric pillow! 22 x 22, $260