Wednesday, June 1, 2011


For years, little girls all over the South were taught by their prim and proper mother's to wear white ONLY between Memorial Day and Labor Day - the true summer months.
These rules have now gone by the wayside and many of us (myself included) pull out our skinny white jeans at the first sign of spring. However, I still  feel a bit of relief when Memorial Day hits and I can wear those white items with out wondering if I have insulted my mother or grand mother.

As I was riding back from the beach this past Memorial Monday, I received an email alerting me of a shipment that would be arriving this week.  These beautiful white speckled Italian Glass lamps I ordered months ago are finally here just in time for the summer (pictured below). Thankfully, in the design industry, white is a color we use year round!  I decided to share some other white hot items that I love for summer and all year long.

Decorating with white can brighten a room, highlight everything around it, and helps to open up the room to create the illusion that the room is larger. Whether you're painting your walls white or using white accessories, it creates such a fresh look. The key is to not obsess about matching your whites. White works great with any style room, whether you're going for a traditional, soft look or a more edgy, modern style. Warm whites soften the room and add a sense of comfort and charm, while bright whites create a modern and minimalist look.


Beeline by Bunny Williams

White fool dogs. They have such personality!

Beeline by Bunny Williams Star Chair.The gold detailing really pops against the chalky finish!

White porcelain garden stool

Beeline by Bunny Williams Lattice Chairs. We have a pair in our store right now. I can imagine them in an elegant breakfast room or sun room.
 White or ivory carpeting never goes out of style.
Carpet in white

Ralph Lauren Maritime Collection (Sandbar Matelasse pictured above). This pattern reminds me of seaside living!

Manuel Canovas fabric (pictured here: Cruz in Neige)

Linen weave white rug from Concepts International

Larsen fabric (pictured here: Abstract in ivory)

Patterned white hand printed wallpaper (pictured here: Cole & Son, Frontier in Feather Fan)