Monday, September 5, 2011

The End of Summer!

Labor day weekend comes to a close, signaling the end of summer. As I logged on to start writing, I realized  that I failed to publish a blog the entire month of August.

This past month all my time has been confiscated by deadlines at the office, juggling of childcare, and handling a tiny renovation in our home (that has since exploded). As you will notice by the photo's below, my focus has been on white rooms with lots of color. We are renovating our attic to make some breathing room for our 5 year old daughter. My plan is to paint everything stark white and give our new kindergartner some (carefully guided) choices of fabrics and artwork in her favorite colors. I can't wait for you to see the final result.

 In addition I am overflowing with excitement of things to come in the next few months. A child's haven, an office renovation, and a master closet/dressing area are among the upcoming post that I can't wait to share with you.
For now, please enjoy some of my favorite ideas and inspiration for our little project. 

                    Kit & Tim Kemp's London library as seen in Elle Decor April 2011
The bright yellow striped fabric upholstered on this George Smith chair and Anna Raymond paintings set the tone of this library.

In the Kemp's living room notice the antique mirrors and painting by Anna Raymond. 

                                         The foyer of Alexis & Trevor Traina
The foyer to this 107 year old renovated home sets the mood for this modern family. Elle Decor Sept 2011

The antique grotto chairs and table over look the garden. The dining table and banquette are both custom.

                        A 25 year old young designer turns stickers into wall art.
A sticker installation in Carol McFadden's New York bedroom. Elle Decor September 2011.
I love to see the creativity of young designers. After creating a sticker wall covering for her senior thesis in college, Payton Cosell Turner, was asked to create something for a small Manhattan Art gallery. She caught the eye of several designers and created the above bedroom for Carol McFadden. I can't believe she used over 5000 stickers of anything from bugs, candy, and popcorn bags. How much fun!

 What a great idea for a 5 year old's bedroom, or at least inspiration for yours truly!