Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Girl Room

Style and Substance by Margaret Russell
My little girl is growing up. At 51/2, she is already showing signs of amazing creativity.  As I watch her grow, I try not to squelch her creative spirit, even when our tastes do not fall in line with one another.  With eyes trying not to scrutinize, I even allow her to dress the way she likes (within reason). It has taken me time to actually appreciate her choices, and now I see them, through her joyful eyes, as an expression of her beautiful imagination.

This life-as-a-parent lesson has served as a gentle guide as we make decisions for her Big Girl Room as part of a small home makeover.  As I have reviewed magazines and design books for ideas, I have been greatly inspired and 'nudged' by this sense of independence, of a girl's need to be creative, and ultimately of that special place in the heart of a girl to be GIRL.

We should all embrace this spirit as we create our homes and our spaces.  Enjoy.

Domino, The Book of Decorating
I marked this picture for several reasons. Our little attic renovation has small nooks in which I envision the bed to fit. I love the use of the three-light sconce over the bed. It is perfect when you do not have a lot of space for tables and lamps.  I also like the bright pops of color in the walls, curtains, and on  headboard.
Domino, The Book of Decorating
I love this picture - partly because it reminds me of an old farmhouse bedroom, and partly because I love the excitement in the eyes of this little girl. The use of wallpaper on the ceiling plays to our imaginations, and the clothes line holding miniature bears speaks volumes to the joys of childhood.
From  Style and Substance
This room is definitely more 'tween. The use of vintage pieces and bright colors gives the room vitality while still keeping it interesting and grounded.  The bed is definitely something this young girl could take with her through life.
From Style and Substance
This London bedroom of Jimmy Choo's granddaughter was decorated by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. I have used this photo in an earlier blog but wanted to share it again. This bedroom could go from child's room to guest room in a matter of minutes. I love the rug hanging on the wall behind the day bed, as well as the beautiful blue glass lamps.

From Style and Substance
Another sconce! This time a 4-light vintage sconce by Jean Royere. I must like this look. I hope my daughter does too. Note the the fashion sketches by Bill Blass to the right of the bed. I do plan to take some of my daughter's sketches, matte and frame them and hang in her new room.

Because I have decided to allow my 5 year old to help decorate her new room, I am pretty sure it will have a style all its own.  And though it may not have the glamorous components of those featured above, it will be beautiful nonetheless.  I can't wait to show it to you.