Saturday, January 28, 2012

Atlanta Rug Market 2012- Welcome Back Color!

It has been over a week since I returned from the Atlanta Market with a camera full of pictures. I have just now had time to download them, and I am excited to share them with you.  Consider it a mid-winter treat.  This year's trip was short and sweet -- with just enough time to find some new rug importers, a handful of fun accessory and furniture lines, and, of course, to be inspired once again.


 Lamb stool -  fun, chic and reasonable. 
The above lamb stool is one of my favorite finds. I have seen several versions lately in all my favorite
magazines, but this one has an added edge with the chrome legs. I envision it sitting beneath my dressing table in my new closet or under my sofa table to add a bit of glamour.

3x6 one-of-a-kind oushak
I grabbed this unique oushak which would be perfect for an entry hall. It is unusual to find an oushak with a soft white gray background and soft pink and blue accents. Most oushak rugs have a yellow cast, making this one a real treasure.  As such, I snatched it up knowing I would be able to find it a perfect home.

Overdyed solid rugs in turquoise and purple. 

Over dyed rugs are still gaining strength and seem to be here to stay. The beautiful thing about over dyed rugs is that they are all unique. I found a rug importer that had the most beautiful over dyed rugs. Many of his rugs were vintage, but they all looked antiqued. I love this faded look with the pattern coming through. This particular importer explained that the process he uses to dye his rugs, allows for them not to bleed (a major concern with over dyes in the past).
4x6 deep turquoise with lime green pattern showing though
This little gem just arrived via UPS the other day. I can't wait to display it in the showroom.

This splatter rug - completely one of a kind - is all the rage. I can't wait to see a room decorated around it.

This Union Jack rug is available in all colors. They are a combination of the over dye rugs and pattern.
The Union Jack rugs are also rising in popularity. We did order a few of these but they will not arrive for another month or so. Available in all colors, as well as the traditional (below). What a great conversation piece.

I can see the above Union Jack in a study with rich leather, as well as a sitting room with all white fabrics and this as the focal point.
J D Staron's new line of fabrics.

J D Staron's new line of Tibetan's and flatweave
One of my favorite things at market is to meet the designers that design for rug, fabric, and furniture lines. The above designs are by Jakub Staron of J.D. Staron Carpets. His sense of style and color is exquisite, as are his designs. The above designs are all made to order and available in any color.

Lastly, my current great obsession --  the Moroccan rugs. The one below is one of a kind by J.D. Staron and will soon be at Eatman's for all to see.