Monday, December 20, 2010

Goodwin Home Makes Good for Christmas

What an amazing perk to my job.  That I get to wander around these fabulous homes, of these fabulous women -- it is just a thrill!  The home of Elizabeth Goodwin is not exception.  In fact, it is simply exceptional.  

Elizabeth Goodwin is an accomplished decorator, a much-followed blogger (you must check it out -  Life of Style) and the mother of THREE.  With a personal style that cannot be copied or bought, she is unique and true to her innate sense of aesthetics.  I was, therefore, privileged and delighted to get a peak inside her home and to see it with all the bells and whistles of the season.  And it was a wonderful thing to behold.


The designer, Elizabeth Goodwin.

Note the slipcovered wing chairs used at the head of the dining room table.  So chic!

The puddle of the drapes is divine.

Close up of elegant nativity scene.

Close up of dining room centerpiece.  Love repeated use of white and green.

Wonderful addition!  How charming to dress the dear in garland.

Simple, understated mantle.

Full view of living room.

Nothing works like fresh flowers on a kitchen island.