Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Daly Renovation

Renovate or move? It is a question that many a homeowner faces as families grow and house requirements change.  And it is not an easy dilemma.  Uprooting a family, changing neighborhoods and finding a house within your budget that also meets your family's needs is not an easy proposition.  Similarly, working through the details of planning a renovation, making all the home selections and living to tell the tale is no walk in the park either.

Most people say they like their house, but they need extra closet space, a larger kitchen, a playroom for the kids, an outdoor living space - or some combination of these things. After careful thinking Julie and John Daly decided to renovate with the help of Dempsey Hodges Construction. The outcome was exactly what they needed.... a little extra space in all the right places.

The Dalys were gracious enough to allow me to come walk through the final product and snap some photos as I toured.  Perhaps, they will inspire you as much as they did me.

Enjoy the walk through....

The original foyer (gray slate) was removed and new hardwood floors were installed to match those existing throughout the home. The warmth of the wood layered with the beautiful oushak rug make for a perfect entrance.

The breakfast area and sitting room added living space to the kitchen and are both used daily!

I love the ivory and tan cowhide she chose for the sitting area. The pony leg stool is a unique piece which makes a statement with out being over the top. 

Every home  needs a desk near the kitchen for the mail and computer. This room serves as office and mudroom. 
A perfect place for hats, gloves, shoes and jackets!

The master bath was added complete with double sinks and a walk in closet (below).

Every woman needs a walk in closet like this!

Perfect for entertaining, the enclosed outdoor porch serves as an extension of family room and dining room.
Sisal installed on steps leading to the newly renovated basement. Stay tuned for future blog of this area....