Thursday, February 24, 2011

vanCollier Designs

It has been some time since I have updated you on our recently showcased designers.  Hard at work, Beth and Chris Collier have launched a line of home accessories that is in production at present.  Inspired predominantly from the larger-than-life Ginkgo tree in the courtyard of their historical residential development in Washington, NC, each piece takes what nature did to perfection and makes it permanent in the form of gilded sconces, coffee tables and lighting.  As spring tempts us from just around the corner and the trees all about us seem eager to burst forth in their own leafy color, there could not be a more opportune time to showcase vanCollier's designs.

Most of these items are in the store, so please come view them in person.  They are simply sublime.

And stay tuned for more photos of vanCollier's recent interior design projects.


Gilded coffee table. The legs were cast from Ginkgo limbs in the winter with no foliage.

Ginkgo leaf sconce.

Ginkgo leaf martini table.